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Synonyms for receiver



Synonyms for receiver

(law) a person (usually appointed by a court of law) who liquidates assets or preserves them for the benefit of affected parties

earphone that converts electrical signals into sounds

the tennis player who receives the serve

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a football player who catches (or is supposed to catch) a forward pass

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Commenting on this case Anthony Hannon, Official Receiver in the Public Interest Unit, said: Directors of companies are required to keep sufficient records to show and explain its transactions for a specified period of time.
The Official Receiver yesterday confirmed it had received correspondence from Ms Turley "on this issue".
Although bankrupts usually qualify for a discharge after three years, unless all the debts have been paid assets remain vested in the official receiver on behalf of the creditors.
The DTI is advising people who have paid premiums to contact the Official Receiver.
In his very limited contact with the Official Receiver Mr Hamilton has suggested that IREs monies were being held by a connected company in Dubai, but he has failed to provide any information or company records to support his version of events, or to cooperate in any way with the Official Receiver or the liquidator.
And it comes just four days after the hammer-blow news from the Official Receiver that the SSI coke ovens will be allowed to die.
He said that those figures are not yet part of the statistics of the office of the registrar of companies and official receiver whose own yearly figures show hundreds rather than thousands of bankruptcies and liquidations.
London's High Court of Justice made him officially bankrupt yesterday and the Official Receiver is now in charge of his assets.
Anyone declaring themselves bankrupt, as well as directors of limited companies that have been wound up by the court, are required to attend at least one interview with the Official Receiver to provide information about their assets, liabilities and the reasons for their insolvency.
Now it can be revealed that 65-year-old Dr Dutt - who worked from his single-handed practice in Fartown - has been declared bankrupt by the Official Receiver in Leeds.
Crashed fashion retailer Ciro Citterio has closed down all of its Midland outlets after the Official Receiver was called in, it was confirmed yesterday.
All inquiries should be made to the Official Receiver in London on 0207 637 6276.
This disqualification undertaking follows investigation by the Official Receiver at Public Interest Unit, a specialist team of the Insolvency Service.
As soon as the point was reached where the official receiver felt there were no realistic offers, that's when the decision was made for hard closure.