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(usually plural) the office that serves as the administrative center of an enterprise

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The new TR-127 enables high quality delivery of triple play services by maximizing the interoperability of splitters and in-line filters with xDSL transceivers in an active, dynamic telephony environment, including the previously troublesome on-hook, off-hook, ringing, and ring trip events.
Our wireless necklace and wrist Help Buttons enable residents to activate your existing pull-cord, call-button, off-hook or other emergency call system by remote control from any room.
For AAL-2 signaling support, it provides generation of AAL-2 off-hook messages, detection of AAL-2 (type 1) dialtone messages and generation of AAL-2 on-hook messages.
While he did not specify the precise vulnerability, Cui said it allowed him to patch the phone's software with arbitrary pieces of code, and that this allowed him to turn the Off-Hook Switch into what he called a "funtenna.
Toshiba's new Strata IPT2010-SDC delivers all the features and functionality of Toshiba's digital telephones in an IP format, including: 10 programmable feature buttons that enable users to customize the telephone's use to meet their own unique needs; a two-line by 24-character LCD for at-a-glance information; full-duplex speakerphone; analog CO line interface for local dialing and emergency calls; handset/headset choice, off-hook dialing, hands-free use and ring tones (different for IP and analog lines); power provided via Power over Ethernet (PoE) or local AC adapter; compatibility with Toshiba's entire family of Strata CIX IP business telephone systems, including CIX670, CIX200, CIX100, CIX40; and compatibility with Toshiba's older Strata CTX systems that support IP interface units.
The system is transparent to all telephony signals, including ring, off-hook, hook-switch flash, and for- ward disconnect.
And, because a silicon data access arrangement (DAA) is used, off-hook and parallel phone detection is supported.