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(usually plural) the office that serves as the administrative center of an enterprise

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Here's the issue: Because off-hook agents maintain an open SIP stream to particular gateways, in a multi-gateway deployment you need to understand how a call received on one gateway can be routed to an agent connected off hook to another gateway.
The wetting current mainly addresses all-digital services, unlike services with underlying POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) that inherently provide loop current while off-hook.
This chipset keeps the rich set of features supported in previous EZDAA family chipsets such as Caller ID, DTMF, continuous line-in-use monitoring, line voltage and loop-current monitoring, line reversal detection for both on- and off-hook and programmable ring detection threshold.
2 enables detection of on-hook, off-hook conditions using Marconi's idle-channel suppression feature to increase network efficiency by intelligently allocating bandwidth according to the demands of various applications.
Handset/headset choice, off-hook dialing, hands-free use (not supported in analog CO mode), and ring tones (different for IP and analog lines).
The new card generates battery on the loop and monitors for off-hook conditions at the customer premises.
Video interruptions can occur when the peak phase of the ring signal combined with the off-hook voltage create transients in the VDSL2 spectrum.
Lite signal or transmission each time the phone is taken off-hook or placed on-hook.
Traditional call handling tools - Toshiba SoftIPT emulates Toshiba desktop telephones providing call handling features, including caller ID, call transfer, call forward, single voice mailbox, soft keys, broadcast voice mail, voice mail indicator light, conference calling, and off-hook call announce;