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an indelicate joke

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Periodically, he tries to gussy things up with off-color humor that simply feels off (like a "runaway slave" shooting gallery at the county fair) and a few gross-out gags that land with bigger thuds than the giant ice block that vividly crushes one character's head into pulp.
SH: Bill Bryson and Mary Roach are natural "go to" authors for funny nonfiction, but memoirs can be a great fit for teens; Eddie Huang's Fresh Off the Boat dishes up life lessons along with plenty of off-color humor, and Chris Gethard's A Bad Idea I'm About to Do explores the many consequences of poor judgment in accessible, side-splitting prose.
They consist of some moderate degree of violence, some strong language, suggestive themes, off-color humor, mimic gambling and partial nudity.
In its components -- nostalgia, off-color humor, romance, singing and dancing -- "Taxi Ballad" deploys many of the same formula elements as "Wa Halla l'Wayn?
I remember him criticizing some creators for using off-color humor or, in the case of several superstar cartoonists, for farming out much of their comic duties to other writers and artists.