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Synonyms for ready-to-wear

(especially of clothing) made in standard sizes and available from merchandise in stock

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There are plenty of affordable tailors who often sell suits and shirts that cost <em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">less </em>than off the rack comparables.
When he stepped off the rack arm, his wedding ring snagged in the metal face plate and severed his ring finger at the knuckle.
Choosing an identity off the rack saves a great deal of time and hard emotional exploration.
It has been written, wrongly, that Perot buys his clothes off the rack at K-Mart.
At least as good as the pair you can buy off the rack at the corner drugstore (we hope)?
Cell phone in hand, she takes the magazine off the rack and flips to page 24.
If creative isn't your strength, do your research online, find a character that appeals to you, then book an appointment with Bella Beauty College in Corpus Christi to have the stylists accessorize that off the rack costume into something truly special.
But even as citizens are grabbing the new dailies off the rack and clearing their throats to be heard louder, the country's problems are escalating as 13 boys died in a fire at a mosque in Yangon, the cause of the fire stoked by conflicting theories and licking at the raw wounds of the ongoing Buddhist-Muslim ethnic conflict.
I buy my clothes on sale and off the rack,'' said Villaraigosa.
The assistant took the time and trouble to find exactly what I wanted, instead of me having to choose items myself off the rack.
After reading your article ["From Off the Rack to Off the Wall," page 54] in the October 2000 issue of Dance Magazine, I was surprised that you made no mention of Alwin Nikolais, who was the innovator of costume design.
This brochure Mrs Herbert read had been discontinued and a note had been sent out to travel agents to take them off the rack.
The off the rack garment might fit but could be tight, uncomfortable, and look shabby; the consequences for a poorly fitting set of wheels and tires can be much more serious.
Using specifications provided by clothing manufacturers, the program can figure out whether that dress will fit like a tent or a tourniquet before a shopper ever takes it off the rack.
I would also add that I am a senior citizen and have never even opened the cover of a Vanity Fair, but two weeks ago I purchased one off the rack precisely because of Tom Ford's Hollywood section included in the issue.