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Synonyms for ready-to-wear

(especially of clothing) made in standard sizes and available from merchandise in stock

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There are plenty of affordable tailors who often sell suits and shirts that cost <em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">less </em>than off the rack comparables.
She had to buy a tennis dress off the rack from the Priory club shop.
He says some of his clothes are custom-made and some are off the rack.
Better to use a dead girl to move those magazines off the rack, and use the cover to lure readers into a voyeuristic glance at JonBenet's "strange world" (as if it was a world she made
An opportunist goal by Danny Murphy in his 100th appearance for Crewe hauled his side off the rack.
When he stepped off the rack arm, his wedding ring snagged in the metal face plate and severed his ring finger at the knuckle.
Choosing an identity off the rack saves a great deal of time and hard emotional exploration.
After centuries of abuse, gays have been let off the rack and the wheel only to be dropped at the dry cleaner.
It has been written, wrongly, that Perot buys his clothes off the rack at K-Mart.
Cell phone in hand, she takes the magazine off the rack and flips to page 24.
If creative isn't your strength, do your research online, find a character that appeals to you, then book an appointment with Bella Beauty College in Corpus Christi to have the stylists accessorize that off the rack costume into something truly special.
But even as citizens are grabbing the new dailies off the rack and clearing their throats to be heard louder, the country's problems are escalating as 13 boys died in a fire at a mosque in Yangon, the cause of the fire stoked by conflicting theories and licking at the raw wounds of the ongoing Buddhist-Muslim ethnic conflict.
Take a look at Euro mounts--they make for a clean wall presentation, age well and show off the rack like no other mount So what's not to like about traditional Euro mounts?
Pull the kayak off the rack, slip the cart under the hull, and load tackle, cooler, seat, camera, paddle and anchor pole.
I buy my clothes on sale and off the rack,'' said Villaraigosa.