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In fact, most listeners end up voting with their radio dial; nothing works like the off button.
With advanced communications gadgets making us accessible around-the-clock, the thought of hitting the off button (if only temporarily) is intimidating for employees.
As far as I'm concerned, there's only one good thing on televisions these days, and that's the off button.
5 champion and the first Canadian since Jacques Villeneuve in 2006 to run in a practice session, was eight seconds off Button and less than half a second behind teammate Timo Glock.
There is a retro styled dial for the volume control, and the green LED ringed power/stand-by/power off button.
As for the off button, I know where it is and use it as soon as the local news and weather is finished, at breakfast.
We all have access to the off button, but some folk prefer to moan than use it.
The Pressed for Time report, undertaken by Consumer Analysis Group, found that in their reluctance to hit the off button on their gadgets, a third of the nation (34 per cent) actually believes it has become fashionable to be busy.
Not all channels televised these ceremonies, and all TV sets have an off button.
How will we know to reach for the shotgun - or the off button, whichever is closer at hand - when Hugo Duncan's show comes on?
The TV has an off button, which you have the freedom to use and you don't have to use videos and movies to baby-sit your children.
The banter has been swapping sides for a while now, enough for the England star to admit he will be switching for the off button on his mobile if the worst does come to pass.
I honestly believe there's an off button and you can just please yourself.
I bet if passers-by had access to a remote control, they'd all press the off button.
Thank goodness for the off button on the television.