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a complex of males

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Furthermore, an individual's experience pre-oedipally could impact on how rivalry is experienced in the Oedipus complex in relation to parents and siblings.
Mitchell explains how and why the Oedipus complex, gender and the body ('physical function') might be read differently than this in psychoanalytic terms:
The Oedipus complex similarly plays a significant role in the psychosexual development of young girls.
If one reason for writing this is to satiate the immense but miserable Islamist desire to tackle their inferiority and Oedipus complexes over Western hegemony, another is related to the forthcoming elections in Turkey.
From the ancients to Shakespeare, coming up towards modernity, the so called OEdipus complex" has repositioned in a new perspective even the concept of the tragic.
Weineck did well in using the Laius Complex and the Oedipus Complex or Pateur to support the argument of the imminent destruction or tragedy of the father.
If Vishal hints at Oedipus Complex, he does it with subtlety.
In reading Oedipus Tyrannos, Nie employs the concepts of "predestination" and "Oedipus complex," and redefines the classic tragedy as "an ethical tragedy resulted from the conflict between ethical taboo and Oedipus' intensifying ethical consciousness"(177).
Buchanan sees Freud's theory of the Oedipus complex as "humanistic" in positing the concept of a universal "human nature" susceptible to rationalistic explanation, whereas the Theban plays expose such a reliance on human reason as delusory--human beings are here gripped by forces they cannot control or fully comprehend.
The first psychoanalyst to be inducted into the French Legion of Honor, Nasio explains that Freud's famous Oedipus Complex has nothing to do with love or hate, and everything to do with sex, as hormones surge through four-year-old boys and girls, and any adult within range becomes the object of young lust.
How is it you always manage to work in the name of your friend's wimpy kid with the huge Oedipus complex every time we're discussing my chosen vocation?
Although he emphasizes that it was his mother who first started drawing naked people, he muses that a psychoanalyst might draw the conclusion that he "somehow accomplished an Oedipus complex, on paper."
To take this even further: keeping in mind that the Oedipus complex is a mechanism for aligning sexual desire with gender, the novel is anti-Oedipal.