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Odontocetes We encountered 16 species of odontocetes, with sufficient sightings of 8 species to calculate seasonal abundance and density and examine seasonal trends.
Paleontologists have long thought that Mysticetes and Odontocetes represent separate evolutionary lines that split from a group of ancestral toothed whales some 40 million years ago.
Social and behavioural factors in cetacean responses to overexploitation: are odontocetes less "resilient" than mysticetes?
Delphinid species included in the taxonomic group of non-Kogia pelagic odontocetes were further divided into groupings that could be plotted in ArcGIS to qualitatively examine patterns not testable due to small sample sizes: 1) pilot whales, 2) pelagic delphinids generally associated with cool northern waters, 3) pelagic delphinids generally associated with warm southern waters, and 4) pelagic delphinids with a more cosmopolitan distribution in areas north and south of NC.
Distribution and habitat partitioning by small odontocetes in the Gully, a submarine canyon on the Scotian Shelf.
Few odontocetes species feed on benthic invertebrates: the Amazon river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis), the Franciscana (Phocoena blainvillei), the Susu (P.
Pinnipeds and coastal odontocetes have received particular attention given their high contaminant loading and the recent occurrence of population disturbances that have involved disease or declines in reproductive ability, or both (Marine Mammal Commission 1999).
Beaked whales are cryptic, deep-diving odontocetes, and, as a result, direct observation of foraging is impossible.
Incidental sightings of gray whales were noted during aerial surveys of portions of the bight made during 1980-85 (Oliver and Jackson (4)) to investigate abundance of pinnipeds and small odontocetes and most gray whale sightings occurred in the vicinity of Santa Catalina Island.
Phylogenetic, ecological and ontogenetic factors influencing the biochemical structure of the blubber of odontocetes.
La nutrition des odontocetes en atlantique nordest (cotes Francaises"-iles Feroe).
A nonparametric Mann Whitney-U test was used to determine if the rates of prevalence differed between Mysticetes and Odontocetes and a nonparametric Kruskal-Wallace test was used to determine if the prevalence rates differed significantly among species.
of Species sightings animals sightings animals Baleen whales Humpback whale 25 40 54 86 Gray whale 1 1 2 3 Minke whale 3 3 1 1 Unidentified whale 4 8 3 3 Odontocetes Dall's porpoise 27 72 20 64 Harbor porpoise 4 10 11 20 Pacific white-sided dolphin 4 596 16 149 Northern right- whale dolphin Risso's dolphin 5 57 1 5 Killer whale 3 16 2 38 Unidentified delphinid 6 9 8 56 Pinnipeds and otters Harbor seal 2 2 3 3 Elephant seal 6 6 10 10 California sea lion 1 1 3 3 Steller sea lion 3 5 1 1 Northern fur seal 6 6 5 5 Sea otter 3 3 3 3 Unidentified pinniped 4 4 3 3 Total sightings 94 772 141 495 1997 1998 No.
Interactions involving commercial fisheries and small odontocetes protected by Federal statutes have occurred in Hawaii since 1948 (Schlais, 1984, 1985), and reports from fishermen about small cetaceans stealing catch and bait continue to surface periodically throughout the Hawaiian Islands.