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French pope from 1088 to 1099 whose sermons called for the First Crusade (1042-1099)

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His official letter-inquiry dated February 8, 2018 addressed to ODO Carandang who, at such date, had been supposedly under preventive suspension.
Carmen Elena Armijo Canto, Fabula y mundo: Odo de Cheriton y el Libro de los gatos.
Odo said legalizing the Bagani would also spare them from suspicion of being rebels.
However, if an ODO wouldn't hurt our flow, I'd accommodate it all day.
Felly er mwyn cadw pethau'n syml ac yn ddealladwy, canlyniad gwaith cloddio Alcock oedd gallu gwthio dyddiad bryngaer fel Castell Odo yn l i''r Oes Efydd, efallai mor gynnar 'r 9fed Ganrif Cyn Crist.
His considers Justin the Apologist's Dialogue with Trypho, the appeal to reason in Anselm of Canterbury and Odo of Tournai, hopes of conversion from the Renaissance to the Reformation, new perspectives from Roman Catholicism, Martin Buber's view of Christian faith as mistaking redemption, models of relationship, and other topics.
Occidental Brothers Dance Band International Odo Sanbra pays tribute to the diversity of African musical styles, particularly those that flourished in the early 1900s, in Oda Sanbra, their energetic new album.
MoNamibia, omu na oveta oyo ya pa "ovadali eenghono" odo da kwatela mo oufemba wokuyandja "omahandukilo e shi okulididimikilwa" kounona.
Odo of Bayeus is a charismatic bishop and commissions a massive tapestry to celebrate his role in the conquest of Britain by his brother William, Due of Normandy.
Este vinculo subyace a la filosofia de Odo Marquard, a la que me dedicare aqui.
It has a six-speed, close-ratio gear box, Kayaba suspension front and rear, Nissin two-piston front brakes and single-piston rear, and an instrument display whose functions include LCD speedo and tacho dial, trip computer, odo and clock, lap timer with 99-lap memory and gear position indicator.
Intended as an entry level, naked sports-bike the new Triumph comes with a 675cc, fuel injected, water-cooled, three-cylinder, 12-valve engine with 108hp, a six-speed, close ratio gear box, Kayaba suspension front and rear, Nissin 2 piston front brakes / single piston rear, an instrument display functions including LCD speedo and tacho dial, trip computer, odo and clock, lap timer with 99-lap memory and gear position indicator and it is available in Jet Black, Fusion White and Roulette Green.
When we checked in with the ODO on the radio, things were heating up out west toward the Syrian border, where we were fragged to support.
The vehicle, a silver BMW X3 car, was later found abandoned in Odo Street in Hafod.
Sascha suggests wearing this seasonOs up Odo sleek, slick, tight to your head, super-controlled and ultra shiny.