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a port city of south central Ukraine on an arm of the Black Sea


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a city in western Texas

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Police in Odessa, Ukraine, arrested a man in a Chewbacca costume for illegally campaigning for mayoral candidate Darth Vader.
Charismatic and quite popular in the beginning of his tenure as a leader of a small post-Soviet republic, he not only lost his power and became an outcast but actually lost his Georgian citizenship to become governor in Odessa, Ukraine. The current leader of Ukraine are certainly different from Saakashvili.
Avdyeyev is an attorney who serves as deputy director of Lawrus Law Firm in Odessa, Ukraine, and director of MAXTGROUP LLC in Kiev, Ukraine.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- I'm in Odessa, Ukraine -- a lovely city on the Black Sea coast.
Pozniakov was born in Odessa, Ukraine, and came to Worcester in 1975.
Yelena Akhtiorskaya was born in Odessa, Ukraine, in 1985, and immigrated to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, with her family at age seven.
Ethnicity/ Nationality: Born in Odessa, Ukraine, and grew up in Vancouver.
Ethnicity/Nationality: Born in Odessa, Ukraine, and grew up in Vancouver.
ODESSA, Ukraine: Hundreds of pro-Russian demonstrators stormed police headquarters in Odessa Sunday and won the release of 67 people detained after deadly clashes in the Ukrainian port city.
DEADLY CONFLICT Dozens were killed in Odessa, Ukraine
Continue reading "Swastikas Drawn on Synagogue and Holocaust Memorial in Odessa, Ukraine" at...
His plot was exposed when he and two accomplices accidentally detonated a bomb inside an apartment block in Odessa, Ukraine.
The service will broadcast the event live from Odessa, Ukraine August 18th.
The 69th session of Council of CIS Border Troops Commanders (SKPV) took place in Odessa, Ukraine, the press service of Kyrgyzstan's State Border Service said on May 17.
Last month also saw the airline touch down in Odessa, Ukraine's fourth largest city.