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a port city of south central Ukraine on an arm of the Black Sea


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a city in western Texas

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Born in Odessa, Russia, Tolkin served in the Canadian army during World War II.
A child of the Great Depression, Brodsky modeled himself after his own father, Morris Brodsky, an immigrant and tailor from Odessa, Russia while growing up in one of the boarding houses his father owned in Hells Kitchen.
13, 1903, in Odessa, Russia, to Nicholis and Elizabeth Seifert Schmipf.
Pachmann (1848-1933) was the thirteenth child of a middle-class family in Odessa, Russia, the son of a Roman law professor and a Turkish countess.
From his early life in the cosmopolitan city of Odessa, Russia, young Georges Florovsky, son of a Russian Orthodox priest, seemed destined for a theological service to the Church.