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Roman statesman who established the Roman Empire and became emperor in 27 BC

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At Tankersley Wood, near Sheffield, several Octavian Droober members competed in the middle distance event.
Marschallin has spent the night with her young lover Octavian Rofrano.
Ochs falls immediately for Octavian, now disguised as a maid, despite waiting for a date with another young woman, Sophie von Faninal, daughter of a family of nouveau riche social climbers who are offering her on a plate.
The Baron refrains from trying to assault the aforementioned chambermaid just long enough to agree that Octavian would be a great rose bearer.
When Octavian serves as the Baron's Knight of the Rose, presenting the rose to Sophie, the young people's eyes meet and all bets are off.
In order to increase a space dimensionality the octavian algebra can be expanded by a Dickson doubling procedure:
To Octavian and his regime, Cleopatra is doubly bad; she is the enemy and she is a female," Wyke said.
The transaction was finalised upon receipt of Octavian investors approval and the satisfaction of customary closing conditions.
Octavian Thamrin, heading a high-ranking delegation, arrived in Tehran on a three-day visit starting on Monday to attend the fifth meeting of Iran-Indonesia Political Consultative Committee.
Or was it intended to stand for Cleopatra Selene herself, serving as her badge or emblem the way that her father used the lion and club of his divine ancestor Hercules, or Octavian was to use the capricorn of his natal sign?
His cause began to collapse in 32 BC, when Octavian made a case against him in the Senate, and the next year a naval battle at Actium between Octavian forces and the combined navies of Antony and Cleopatra, ended in disaster and rout.
At first, the goddess Isis sends messages for Selene and Octavian carved in bloody hieroglyphics on Selene's hands and arms.
The 'man', Octavian, is the lover of the opera's principal female character, the aristocratic Marschallin, and the opera's opening scene finds them in bed together.
The production gave careful attention to costume with a tuxedoed Octavian and surprisingly effective human ox and ass, but the highlight of this very well-acted performance was a rural Appalachian Mary and Joseph.
The Cafe Church theme was organised to mark the national Back to Church Sunday, held on Sunday, and on October 31, Romanian circus performer Octavian Dirtu will share his journey to faith.