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an eight-sided polygon

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It is said that they visited the Octagon Earthworks and sang "America." The concerns of the SAI were urgent and immediate, while the ancient earthworks were situated within a public park.
The Newark Earthworks are the largest geometric earthen enclosures in the world, and of the four original enormous earthen enclosures, the octagon and the giant circle still stand.
These grain boundaries can also contain pentagon pairs, but when they are built of octagons only, they lead to spontaneous magnetization [19].
Here we consider the case (i), that is, with two octagons, 8R and 8N, present at each junction.
Many know it as "The Octagon House" because of its distinctive eight-sided design, but few know its history.
Local industrialist George Heywood, one of the owners of the Heywood Wakefield furniture company, wanted to build a mansion on the site of the Octagon House, so he had it moved to its present location at 74 Green St.
The story provided the opportunity to review some of the attributes of rectangles, squares, parallelograms, octagons, ovals, and circles.
We asked the fifth graders to create an octagon from the diamond.
Other polygons, such as pentagons and octagons, will not fit together without leaving spaces between the cells.
The PCS-620 From Octagon Systems is a rugged SBC that combines wireless, Ethernet[R] and industrial I/O and also can be supplied with an embedded version of QNX[R], Linux or Windows[R].
Octagon Systems has announced a small CPU designed to operate from -40[degrees] to +85[degrees] C.