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Synonyms for alkane

a series of non-aromatic saturated hydrocarbons with the general formula CnH(2n+2)

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The presence of tricosane in pigeon pea, hexadecane and octacosane in marigold and octacosane in tomato was presumably responsible for the differential response (Madhu et al.
ABSTRACT Pearl oysters (Pinctada imbricata) were held in the laboratory and exposed to various levels of the heavy metals lead and zinc and the aliphatic hydrocarbons hexadecane and octacosane for 2 months.
It was hypothesized that high concentrations of lead, zinc, hexadecane and octacosane would reduce both total and shell growth in the Akoya pearl oyster.
Exposure to the aliphatic hydrocarbons hexadecane and octacosane at 30-810 ng [L.
4) (Table 4): 1) Heneicosane (C21), 2) Linoleic acid (possible contaminat), 3) Docosane (C22), 4) Tricosane (C23), 5) Tetracosane (C24), 6) Pentacosane (C25), C) phthalate 7) Hexacosane (C26), 8) Heptacosane (C27), 9) Octacosane (C28), 10) Nonacosane (C29), 11) Triacontane (C30) and 12) Hentriacontane (C31) and Dotriacontane (C32).