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[57] have reported its antifungal potential against Ocimum basilicum, Aspergillus ochraceus, A.
Aims and Objectives: In our study, we have attempted to evaluate new compound Ocimum sanctum (OS) in the hope of identifying the anxiolytics with fewer side effects as many plant products have been claimed to be free from side effects and less toxic than synthetic drugs.
The objective of this study was to find out a cost-effective and eco-friendly technique for biological synthesis of AgNPs using Ocimum sanctum leaf broth.
Table I.- Composition of basal diet for heat stressed broiler chickens and proximate analysis of basil seed (Ocimum basilicum).
Validation of traditional claim of tulsi, Ocimum sanctum Linn., as a medicinal plant.
(2010), in a recent review of the repellent effect of essential oils to Diptera, stated that the most important oils that have been tested are from Cymbopogon spp., Ocimum spp., and Eucalyptus spp., similar to the results obtained in this study for S.
Ocimum micranthum (Lamiaceae), an herb native of Central Lowlands, South America and West Indies, is used locally to flavor beverages and soups, and for the treatment of fever, stomach disturbances and dysentery.
Ocimum basilicum, also known as Sweet Tulsi is a culinary herb due to the characteristic flavors it imparts.
The type commonly found in Cyprus, Ocimum minimum, a perennial bush basil is hardier but coarser in flavour.
Out of that number, capsicum was stopped 21 times due to FCM, nine interceptions involved ocimum (great basil) due to leaf miners, while luffa cucumbers were stopped five times over fruit flies.Erick Ogumo,a food safety expert and the chairman of Society of Crop Agribusiness Advisers of Kenya(SOCAA), notes that the situation now calls for government intervention in terms of research and development of farmers' capacity to tackle the rising pest.
This study was designed to evaluate the antimicrobial and insecticidal potential of the extracts of medicinal plant Ocimum basilicum (basil).
The clove basil (Ocimum gratissimum L.) is a plant of the Lamiaceae family, widely used for medicinal purposes.
Yogalakshmi, "Chemical composition and larvicidal activity of essential oil from Ocimum basilicum(L.) against Culex tritaeniorhynchus, Aedes albopictusand Anopheles subpictus (Diptera:Culicidae)," Experimental Parasitology, vol.