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Backwards stepwise analysis of the statistical models linking Ochroma cover to SOM (Model 1) and litter depth (Model 2) suggested that the factor plot and the interactions between plot and Ochroma cover should be retained in both cases.
Experiments were conducted on Ochroma lagopus (Bombacaceae) and Hyeronima alchorneoides (Euphorbiaceae) growing in plantations.
The Balsa tree (Ochroma pyramidale) is considered a pioneer species and reaches heights of 30 m.
Mites (Eriophyidae) were the only gall-inducers present on Acalypha macrostachya, Croton draco (Euhorbiaceae), Calatola costaricensis (Icacinaceae), Ochroma pyramidale, Quararibea bracteolosa (Malvaceae), Miconia barbinervis (Melastomataceae), and Lantana camara (Verbenaceae).
They are cataloged in three groups; i) the species most used in reforestation programs: Gmelina arborea, Tectona grandis (teak) and Acacia mangium, usually employed in lightweight construction; ii) species used in furniture manufacturing: Cordia alliodora, Cedrela odorata and Enterolobium cyclocarpum; iii) species providing potential wood for furniture and construction and in high abundance in the secondary forest: Vochysia ferruginea, Ochroma pyramidale and Goethalsia meiantha.
Heilipodus unifasciatus (Champion) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Molytinae: Hylobiini) attacking plantations of Ochroma pyramidale (Cavanilles ex Lamarck) Urban (Malvaceae) in Ecuador.
En la selva del VRAE las especies dominantes en los bosques secundarios suelen ser de muy rapido crecimiento tales como Ochroma lagopus (topa), Schizolobium sp.
However, by working with seedlings of "Caroba" (Jacaranda copaiba L.), "jatoba" (Hymenaea courbaril L.), and boat tree (Ochroma lagopus Swartz), Campos & Uchida (2002) have found, that when the seedlings were grown under 70% shading, the values for the ratio between plant height/stem diameter, of those three plant species seedlings were higher than those values observed for the seedlings grown under lower shading levels.