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Synonyms for okra

long green edible beaked pods of the okra plant

tall coarse annual of Old World tropics widely cultivated in southern United States and West Indies for its long mucilaginous green pods used as basis for soups and stews

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The ochra was of the finest quality, young and fresh, and had been cooked to perfection.
The Himba Tribe are a Nomadic Tribe and an amazing sight, covered in red ochra and ornate jewellery over leather outfits,'' says Liz.
Choose from banana yellow, pumpkin orange and ochra green.
Yn olaf tynnu fy het yn dyn am fy mhen rhag iddi chwythu i'r mor ochra Cricieth 'na, a dyna fi'n barod.
X Hyphilaria nicia (Hubner) X Hyphilaria anthias (Hewitson) X Hyphilaria parthenis (Weswood) X Uraneis hyalina (Butler) X Xynias lithosina (Bates) X Detritivora cleonus (Stoll) X Parcella amarynthina (Cramer) * X Cremna actoris (Cramer) X Chamaelimnas briola (Bates) X Synargis ochra (Bates) X Synargis orestessa (Hubner) X Synagis abaris (Cramer) X Synargis victrix (Rebel) X Eurybia dardus (Fab.