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Synonyms for Ochnaceae

family of tropical evergreen trees and shrubs with thick shining parallel-veined leaves

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353 Ochnaceae Brackenridgea palustris 354 Brackenridgea serrulata 355 Euthemis minor Jack.
Rosid 1: (A): Celastraceae, Erythroxylaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Linaceae, Malphigiaceae, Ochnaceae, Passifioraceae, Salicaceae?
where it is predominantly expressed in the floral cup, androecium and gynoecium (Prance & White, 1988; Matthews & Endress, 2008), some Ochnaceae, where it occurs together with buzz pollination (Amaral, 1991), and some Violaceae, in which the anterior petal has a spur, which surrounds the nectaries formed by two stamens, and the stigma has a monosymmetric pollen collection mechanism (Melchior, 1925; Beattie, 1969).
Outra contradicao observada e a presenca de um grande numero de familias com apenas uma especie, cuja representacao alcanca 15,1% da composicao floristica total, entre elas encontram-se: Araliaceae, Burseraceae, Boraginaceae, Bignoniaceae, Caryocariaceae, Cecropiaceae, Celastraceae, Combretaceae, Dychapetalaceae, Elaeocarpaceae, Erythroxylaceae, Linaceae, Nyctaginaceae, Ochnaceae, Olacaceae, Rhabdodendraceae Rhizophoraceae, Sterculiaceae e Vochysiaceae.
6 Diclesio OCHNACEAE (1/3) Ouratea lucens (Kunth) Engl.
Vinte e tres familias apresentaram apenas uma especie, sendo elas: Araliaceae, Boraginaceae, Celastraceae, Erythroxylaceae, Lecythidaceae, Nyctaginaceae, Ochnaceae, Urticaceae e Vochysiaceae.
The other families (Anacardiaceae, Bignoniaceae, Burseraceae, Chrysobalanaceae, Erythroxylaceae, Fabaceae, Melastomataceae, Ochnaceae, Rubiaceae, Solanaceae, and Symplocaceae) are associated each with a single species of Dasineura (as shown in Table 1).