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But it's wrong to say that the Adelie gang are moving out, because Adelies are site-specific nesters, according to Ron Naveen, founder of Oceanites, a US-based science and educational foundation.
He's also the founder and president of Oceanites (OHshun-AYE-tees), the nonprofit funding organ for the Antarctic Site Inventory.
Nidificacion y habitat del petrel de Wilson Oceanites oceanicus en Punta Cierva, Costa de Danco, Peninsula Antartica.
Research conducted by Oceanites, a non-profit organisation based in the US, supports the view that tourism has had little or no negative effect on animal or plant life--yet.
Petrels (Oceanodroma, Oceanites, Pelagodroma, Halocyptena, Nesofregetta) are also found at all latitudes except in the Arctic.