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mentioning something by saying it will not be mentioned

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Pese a las cuestiones que se pueden suscitar en torno a la discusion de naturaleza iusprivatistica o a su interrelacion con la tesis iuspublicista, nuestro estudio no tiene por finalidad negar la validez de la tesis de la occupatio ni tampoco intentar conjugar ambas tesis, sino ahondar un poco mas en la teoria iuspublicista, dado que esta permite considerar, solidamente, que el botin aparece en las fuentes como bien del "Estado" y, con ello, enmarcar el estudio dentro del regimen juridico del patrimonio estatal.
This is an example of how both anaphora and occupatio can be generative even when, as in this case, the anaphora is notionally in the service of closing down the descriptive amplification.
If Ehni's narrators de-emphasize their physical involvement in the war through the figures of digression, occupatio, and lamentation, they also use synecdoche for diminishing their army commanders who engage in killing for sport.
Name Jessica Doig Age: 19 Occupation: Administrator Height: 5ft 8in Occupatio Administra 5f Dress size BEFORE Weight 14st 4lb Dress size: 16 NOW Weight: 11st 6lb Dress size: 10-12 2st 12lb lighter THREE sizes smaller BEFORE Weight: 11 Dress size 2s 2st lig THREE siz g Brid Name Jenna Abberley Age 28 From Spean Bridge Occupation Staff nurse Height 5ft 10in BEFORE Weight 13st 8lb Dress size 14/16 NOW Weight 11st 4'lb Dress size 10/12 2st 4lb lighter TWO dress sizes smaller spott at the British Gr CELEBRITY-spotting this year Grand Prix at Silverstone in skinny flowery jeans, you would never have guessed that Jenna had ever had a weight problem.
The customer services assistant sent to the council's Occupatio Health Unit, who in turn immedia referred her on for physiotherapy Newcastle City Swimming Pool.
Debido a que en la consolidacion de la paz se trata de la presencia de fuerzas extranjeras en un Estado, nos interesa detenernos en la occupatio bellica, que se define sencillamente como el control de un territorio extranjero (39).
Let us start with alluvion, move on to occupatio and accessio, and then turn to avulsion, which is only addressed in Justinian, who found (correctly) that Gaius was incomplete on this point.
Turner's poem, like his poems at large, cannot abide the absence of little girls, even as he makes their absence present in a kind of wistful occupatio.
14) "Ius gentium est sedium occupatio, aedificatio, munitio, bella, captivitates, servitutes, postliminia, foedera, pacis, indutiae, legatorum non violandorum religio, conubia inter alienigenas prohibita.
Por eso, mezcla la pauca e multis con el occupatio o el paralepsis, dos tropos que permiten que el ponente incluya un tema al decir que lo pasara por alto (Lanham 68).
24) In reality Cicero mentions one, occupatio, and then follows on with a general allusion to war, law, contracts, etc.
El segmento, "donde tuvo e hizo cosas muy venturosos e notables", pica al lector con occupatio (Lanham 68) ya que Meras asi las introduce al decir que no lo hara.
But perhaps recognizing that the degenerative theory would cast doubt on his examples, Peralta bolsters his claim by inserting an ante occupatio in both the poetic text and in its paratext.
But Mery Reporte is in control and recovers quickly; in a swift occupatio he moves on with the play:
Para San Isidoro, el Derecho de las gentes "Est sedium, occupatio, munitio bella, .