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the percentage of all rental units (as in hotels) are occupied or rented at a given time

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He added that occupancy rates will drop back after Eid holiday, as it will be maintained by foreign tourists only.
BEIRUT: The average occupancy rate at Beirut hotels stood at 56.
PwC's "South African Hospitality Outlook: 2014-2018" projects that the overall occupancy rate across the sectors will rise to an estimated 58.
Despite the insistence of hotel managers in Hurghada that the city's occupancy rates have remained stable, Munir stated: "total occupancy rates in the city currently do not exceed 35%; 15% are foreigners, with the remaining 20% being Egyptians".
Yousef Wahbeh, MENA Head of Transaction Real Estate at Ernst & Young said: "2012 has been a successful year for hotels in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and occupancy rates have shown a marked improvement.
Victoria Dock, in Caernarfon, is the only Gwynedd harbour not to record a decrease in its occupancy rates - these have remained at 100% since 2004.
That translates into higher rents and occupancy rates for the next couple of years.
5%) occupancy rates dropped slightly from the third quarter of 2003.
The best-operated assisted living companies, those referred to as "Class A" properties, are achieving occupancy rates above 90 percent and are attracting excellent pricing from lenders and buyers, according to Mullen.
During the darker days of that period, occupancy rates at some leading hotels fell below 30 per cent.
Summary: Regional hotel occupancy rates continued contracting the performance of LebanonEe's hospitality sector witnessed a slowdown during the first four months of 2016, amid a contraction in regional occupancy rates at large.
Occupancy rates in the Red Sea and South Sinai stabilised at approximately 55%, but decreased to less than 25% in Cairo.
Pharaon said that occupancy rates at some of the four- and five-stars hotels in Beirut stood at 100 percent over the holidays, including Four Seasons, Crowne Plaza, Phoenicia, Movenpick and Safir Metropolitan.
In Doha, occupancy rates at hotels increased to 48.
Abu Dhabi's hotel sector saw double-digit increases in occupancy rates and revenues during February, according to latest figures released by STR Global.