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Pamuk's The White Castle seems to actualize the existence of the third dimension which Bhabha theorizes, by means of the application of the Orientalist and Occidentalist themes through the narrative structure and the characters, only to undermine both.
Hence, the images pertaining to the mythology of religion snapped by both orientalist and occidentalist gaze demands the photographic realism.
She moves closer to the Occidentalist and modern members of her faculty, and also grows to believe she is romantically involved with her mentor, only to be later disillusioned upon discovering him with another male professor in a compromising situation in his office.
Further qualitative research should be conducted where Congolese URMs are considered the experts of "true knowledge" that Occidentalists are seeking.
Orientalism portrays its subject as degenerate and dangerous to justify Western domination; late Qing China's Occidentalist construction demonizes Westerners and empowers an embodied self in an arduous but glorious wrestling with the foreign "monsters." While many of the stereotypes and epithets such as yang guizi that persist even into this day have lost much of their animosity, when first generated from the invaded and colonized side, racist discourse functioned as the weapon for resisting and overturning racial conquest.
Or, as al-Tahawy and al-Aswany do in Brooklyn Heights and Chicago, respectively, they can choose counter-hegemonic, Occidentalist representations that make both the self and the other culturally dependent on one another in fathoming their realities and their problematic encounters with one another and with their other "others" (Copts, women, blacks, immigrants, and so forth).
In the first, Harry Potter and Leopard Walks Up to Dragon [sic], the writers took Rowling's characters and plagiarized the bulk of Tolkien's The Hobbit, setting the adventure neither in Middle Earth nor in the UK, but in a Chinese Occidentalist fantasy of England.
Lassner's detailed and thoughtful summary of what he calls Occidentalist responses to Orientalism is supplemented with his own answers to many of its arguments.
See also B De Sousa Santos, 'A Non Occidentalist West?
Conceison (2004) gives us a sense of the interplay between the split halves of the essentialized American O/other through an examination of contemporary Occidentalist representations of Americans in live theatre performances in China, which rely on a synthesis of positive and negative essentializations of the foreigner.
What was beautifully articulated, though, in the Sharjah Biennial is the indisputable fact that the United Arab Emirates has evolved from a marginalized, interstitial locale wedged between Occidentalist and Orientalist art agendas into an ideal host for the cultural encounters, both new and historic, that the biennial tried to catalyze.
They maintain that the notion of culture has been employed as an instrument of oppression against women, both in its occidentalist and orientalist form (Erturk, 2008: 17).
Strangers in a strange land; occidentalist publics and Orientalist geographies in nineteenth-century Georgian imaginaries.
He is not an Occidentalist. Unlike the Islamists, his constitutive other is not the West.
All in all, Mahmut is an Occidentalist who is actively engaged in the production of knowledge about the West using his travels in Europe also as an opportunity to re-evaluate his home culture.