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English scholastic philosopher and assumed author of Occam's Razor (1285-1349)

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Established in 2007 by Jonathan Hughes-Morgan, Occam manages GBP124m of assets.
By using the hosted OCCAM Learning Management System platform clients can distribute and track eLearning courses from other content suppliers, including Easy i"s range of compliance solutions and those from other major catalogue providers.
For service providers seeking a more evolutionary approach, both the MetaSwitch VP3500 and the Occam BLC system support the GR-303 protocol.
Occam Networks' board of directors reaffirms its recommendation that Occam Networks' stockholders adopt the merger agreement and encourages stockholders to vote "FOR" the adoption of the merger agreement at the adjourned special meeting.
As the newest Occam customer, Woodhull Telephone Company is currently embarking on a complete fiber overbuild of its network with plans to offer all customers the same advanced IP services they currently provide.
As noted in the Schedule 13D letter that Plaintiffs sent to Occam and filed with the SEC on September 27, 2010, Occam's CEO Bob Howard-Anderson and CFO Jeanne Seeley admitted to Plaintiffs in a September 17, 2010, conference call that "Calix was given a period of exclusivity and that no attempt was made to shop the company or even check the market.
If you are a shareholder of Occam, plan to continue to hold your shares, and would like more information about your rights as a shareholder, please contact attorney Gregory E.
Marquette-Adams' dedication to true broadband access for an unserved population that also delivers on the National Broadband Plan's goal of 100Mb speeds is a perfect example of how rural service providers are at the forefront of broadband deployment in the US," said Juan Vela, Director, Solutions Marketing and Strategy for Occam Networks.
Prior to selecting Occam, PSC was delivering DSL at low speed with limited video capabilities.
Having worked with Occam before, I knew the company's technology was the perfect choice to meet the needs of this partnership today, while future-proofing the network for whatever services may come tomorrow.
Occam's BLC 6316 helps facilitate service providers' transition from copper to fiber architectures while addressing the industry-wide focus on achieving environmental efficiency," said Juan Vela, Director of Solutions Marketing and Strategy for Occam.
Expanding to Complete a Competitive Overbuild with Occam Solutions
Incumbent and alternative service providers appreciate the simplicity and flexibility Occam products provide as they evolve towards or install pure packet networks to meet increasing bandwidth and service demands of European consumers.