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acid or granitic glass formed by the rapid cooling of lava without crystallization

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Because the U2 Connector(TM) is standards based, it opens a whole new world of technology to our customers," states Pete McGuire, president of Obsydian Technologies.
Synon Corporation, a leading provider of advanced, model-based development solutions for Microsoft Windows NT, the AS/400, and Java today announced that Willamette Industries, a leading global forest products company, has selected Synon's Obsydian development environment to architect key applications on the Windows NT and AS/400 platforms.
Through the use of Synon's Obsydian environment, we were able to bring to market a Windows NT version of our function-rich insurance system without having to change development environments," said Michael D.
Synon will showcase at Booth 1105 how its Obsydian for Windows NT/BackOffice solution allows automatic generation of "Designed for Microsoft BackOffice" logo compliant code for extending applications to the Windows NT platform.
Chorus Software, a UK-based software house, is successfully developing its financial accounting and business management software using Obsydian for Windows NT/BackOffice.
Obsydian for Windows NT/BackOffice is a result of a close development relationship between Microsoft and Synon and is the first tool to receive this certification.
Synon and IBM will also use the lab to create Obsydian class libraries of business objects that exploit and encourage the use of native AS/400 advanced technologies in the areas of imaging, telephony, multimedia, Internet, data warehousing and Lotus Notes.
stated they are working jointly to deliver Obsydian for Windows NT/BackOffice, the only toolset capable of automatic delivery of native Microsoft BackOffice-based applications that also qualify for the Designed for Microsoft BackOffice Logo and are OLE exploitative.
In addition to Synon Model Applications, the company's two development product lines, Synon/2E and Obsydian, enable customers to rapidly develop high quality custom software, modify existing applications, and enhance application packages.
BUSINESS WIRE)--March 6, 1996--Synon and Microsoft announced today that they have entered into a development relationship intended to extend Synon's Obsydian into the first full service client/server application development environment designed to produce Microsoft BackOffice-based applications automatically.
The company's two product lines, Synon/2E and Obsydian, enable customers to rapidly develop high quality custom software, modify existing applications, and enhance application packages.
CABO is a joint Synon-Customer effort dedicated to building full-featured class libraries for object-oriented application development using Obsydian, Synon's second-generation client/server development tool.
IMPACT's class libraries extend the functionality of the Obsydian base classes and provide additional abstract business objects to those in the Obsydian base class libraries.
a Synon Independent Software Vendor (ISV), announces ProSys-FirstWave, a group of native Obsydian Abstracts and Application class libraries that take full advantage of Synon Corp.