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a concrete representation of an abstract idea or principle

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Thus, the sphere of art and aesthetics represents a place of resistance to the pure objectivation of phenomena.
Individuals (as well as groups and institutions) appropriate and cultivate their physical, their social and cultural ecologies through objectivation (referentiation), mutual recognition as meaningful subjects (intereferentiation), and as differentiated selves with an identity (self-referentiation).
This has been done aurally, but even if this kind of objectivation of practice could be supported by oral legitimation, it was bound to the hereandnow situation for establishing a tradition.
Schrodinger bemoaned in his essay "Oneness of Mind" that our Western science "is based on objectivation, whereby it has cut itself off from an adequate understanding of the Subject of Cognizance, of the mind.
We do assert the perfect objectivation of our products: in vitro, we study their behaviour and assess their efficiency and in vivo, we validate the cosmetic benefits and determine the recommendations for use.
According to Blumer (1969), people create a subjective objectivation of reality through symbolic interaction with others; hence meaning is not based on self-interaction or personal experience only, but is constructed through interaction with others as well.
Several of the essays refer to the "demonization" of YHWH resulting from the absorption of competing polytheisms, followed in the postexilic era by an objectivation of evil and the so-called invention of Satan.
figuratively) and objectivation (pretending that the suffering is not an
Rather than a theory of objectivation or representation, however, the way lesoan aluk are thought to emerge from the body seems to suggest the need for a theory of embodiment -- that is, a theory which concentrates on explicating the sacrificial efficacy of the fashion in which the qualities of the mortuary sacrificial combinations (e.
Rappelons ici l'importance de faire la distinction entre << reification >>, << alienation >> et << objectivation >> (88).
The process described--using concepts introduced by Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann--is one of externalization, objectivation, internalization, followed by reification.
12) En effet, synthese est un terme classique pour le fusionnement des actes dans une seule objectivation.
Le vocabulaire de la degustation mele donc evaluation objective et valorisation, et pose la question des limites d'une objectivation des categories esthetiques.
The device of alterity only offers the alternative between reification and religion, between objectivation and real transcendence, between idol and icon--in the case of ethics as well as in the case of love.
Participant objectivation undertakes to explore not the "lived experience" of the knowing subject but the social conditions of possibility .