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a concrete representation of an abstract idea or principle

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Nature" in this sense is the world as purely objective objectivation, the modelled reality of the natural sciences.
One way of understanding this two-in-one is to think of it as a product of another dialectic--this time one of migration and objectivation.
2) backed by the discussion on the forms of objectivation of historical knowledge and its twin figures, among which the issue of relativism stands out.
lt;< On utilise donc la science pour obtenir une objectivation claire des sources eventuelles de problemes et d'erreurs : les "responsables" des maladies, des crises, des catastrophes dont souffrent les hommes sont la nature sauvage et non maitrisee, les contraintes inchangees de la transmission >> (39).
La captation du << sens mecanique >> et son objectivation en PCI a des fins de sauvegarde auraient assurement pour effet paradoxal de ne pas satisfaire les conditions propices a sa transmission.
This objectivation and this subjectivation are not independent of each other.
This happens through the anticipation of a universe virtually programmed with a hermeneutic objectivation of subjectivity.
Henry's criticism of the ontological monism of Western philosophy does not mean that every form of objectivation is insignificant.
To Bourdieu, the social dynamics is translated by the dialectal relation between the objectivation of positions regarding the social space--space called "field" by Bourdieu--and the subjectivation of individual dispositions (habitus), reflex of the same positions, and which are noticed through the behaviors and attitudes of the individual (OLIVEIRA, 2001; WACQUANT, 2006; BOURDIEU 2007b).
Opposed to the notion of an authentic essence and nature (the domain of a passive objectified), the specific is a category of the subject, understood as a process of de-specification, or the act of freeing oneself from determination and objectivation (49).
Bookshops and the spaces occupied by the early modern book trade have received attention as social environments, (15) but the shop usually features as a synecdoche for the individual bookseller-publisher, or at best as the objectivation of his decisions and activities.
Elite sports specifically requires continuous objectivation of effort parameters especially in events with severe functional costs, expressed in a rationalized training content correlated to the athletes' biological echoes.
The RCA selected by the groups reveals how actors' calculations are constrained by the objectivation of their past experiments.