object-oriented programming

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Synonyms for object-oriented programming

creating a program that can use and support objects

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The managing director of OOP/L, Gerry Carroll, describes his core business as providing consulting, development and products in Object Oriented (OO) methods and technologies.
The UML represents the evolution of the leading object oriented modeling approaches prevalent in the industry.
DOORS (Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System) is the only multi-platform requirements management and traceability system supporting real-time communication between PC and UNIX development environments.
Unisys Universal Repository (UREP) is a fully object oriented repository foe access, concurrent sharing, and immediate updating of all business information.
Together/C++ Professional builds upon this scaleable technology to deliver the advantages of visual object oriented analysis and design.
BSG's High-End Client/Server Solution represents an alliance with Forte and SELECT that we truly believe brings together the companies with the best object oriented products and services today for building large-scale, mission critical applications.
The book on this exciting new dynamic object oriented programming language is being published in August by Addison Wesley Longman.
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