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creating a program that can use and support objects

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The proprietary-format data file from the controller is converted by a manufacturer-specific plug-in into an instance of the object model. The farm management information system (FMIS A in the diagram) consumes the data.
The HLA is defined by three components: (1) Federation Rules, (2) the HLA Interface Specification, and (3) the Object Model Template.
Taking into account all of the above undisputable advantages, we have decided to approach and present in this paper an interesting topic, related to the VSTO features presented above: the development of an innovative, customized Office solution that implements a Component Object Model Add-In (COM Add-In), designed for repurposing the default commands in Word 2013 and for extending the default features offered by the Office suite.
The user-website interactive communication model is then used to build the object model and the behaviour model in the next two steps, as illustrated in Figure 7.
This section describes the learning object model and introduces scenarios where adaptation is required.
Different to the object model, it's oriented to defining specified, specific aspects of the future applications within specified problem domain, not on all application functionalities, because these are defined on lower lever (in program code templates; within the scripting model these are called metascripts).
A lesson can be dynamically changed according to students' necessities and new data acquired dynamically and related to the student can be added to the object model to be used for the entire session.
The NIEHS NCT has released the CEBS Systems Biology object model (CEBS SysBio-OM) to capture MAGE, proteomics, and metabolomics domain information (http://cebs.niehs.nih.gov/protein/).
The EdgeXtend Enterprise Developer works by generating application data objects based on an object model that abstracts the object-relational mapping The data model can be entered directly into EdgeXtend tools, which include an Eclipse-based version, be imported from a CASE tool such as Rational Rose, or generated directly from an Oracle or Sybase data dictionary.
To that end, SMI-S object models are extensible--vendors can add new devices and value-added functionality to the existing model.
It is an application layer based on a distributed object model functioning on multiple, physical application servers.
The Origin C language built into OriginPro offers support for Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) programming.
The software supports Microsoft's Component Object Model programming, which allows users to create programs that interact to exchange data with other software, such as Microsoft Office applications.
According to Frost & Sullivan, San Jose, Calif., Acero's approach of embedding an extensive object model of biology into the platform is "brilliant." The company believes that this model of biology may become the standard for the biological community.
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