object-oriented programming

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creating a program that can use and support objects

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4) Level 1 data fusion Do consistent analysis of Level 0 output data , and output objects to form Object database; [set.sup.
The results of the research found that, relational databases, which store data into rows and columns, are not as well-suited to manage complex data in IPTV implementations as the Versant Object Database, which performs up to 8x faster.
An object database is represented by a database management system in which the data is stored using objects similar to the ones used in object oriented programming.
At the same time, the Excelon's object database, ObjectStore, will become part of the traditional Progress line up, alongside the company's eponymous relational database and 4GL.
It's a Java-developmental framework with a built-in object database. This allows for scalable, modular development as well as faster, lower cost product development, Brown explains.
But an ODBMS (object database management system) can use an XML linking mechanism to bind a BLOB with a set of descriptive XML metadata, rendering it readable to the database without the need for conversion.
Any changes are mapped onto the object database, ensuring that the virtual network model is accurate for the process of analyzing the origins and causes of network problems.
While the pre-relational and object database markets suffered negative growth in 2000, the relational database management systems (RDBMS) software segment grew 15 percent.
The system uses Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) technology, Java application, object database and e-mail.
The semantic header database and the catalog database are implemented using the ODE (Object Database Environment) database system (Arlein, Gava, Gehani, & Lieuwen, 1993; Agrawal & Gehani, 1989; Agrawal, Dar, & Gehani 1993; Biliris & Panagos, 1993).
Jasmine, a pure object database, is a comprehensive solution to build and deploy multimedia applications over client/server and networked computing environments.
In this application, the object library and the maintenance facility correspond to the object database and the OODBMS respectively.
Koorong Books has migrated its enterprise computer system to run on the InterSystems CACHE high-performance object database, enhancing its legacy system and improving its performance and integration.
The partners integrated Versant's Object Database into key components of the Open IPTV Ecosystem, a technology under development by Fraunhofer FOKUS.
InterSystems CACHE, a scalable object database for transactional systems, handles SQL queries faster than relational databases and enables rapid web application development.