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Synonyms for obfuscate


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Synonyms for obfuscate

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Antonyms for obfuscate

make obscure or unclear

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Crypto Obfuscator is available directly from LogicNP Software and available in Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions.
4.4 Evaluating the performance of ConfuserEx obfuscator
StarForce C++ Obfuscator was designed for complicated cases requiring the most effective tools of obfuscation, for example, to protect DRM keys for such DRM systems as CS and HDCP", - says Alexander Zatsepin, COO at StarForce Technology.
ProGuard (http://proguard.sourceforge.net/) free Java class files shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator, and pre-verifier was used to obfuscate Java implementation of experimental program.
You've heard of the golden handshake and the golden handcuffs, now let me present, ladies and gentlemen, that modern obfuscator of reality: the `golden tongue-strap'.
[Giles] places me on a level with himself, as an "obfuscator of origins," and a "suppressor of evidences." (1899c: 83)
It's something Bill Clinton supposedly comprehends but plainly doesn't practice; in fact, he may go down in history as The Great Obfuscator. Of current politicians, Newt Gingrich grasps it best, though pressures of the legislative process and his own ambitions interfere with his ability to make full use of it.
This man of many masks is after all the great unmasker; this unrivaled obfuscator is the great illuminator.(29)
But often these confederates are entrusted with information, such as identifying information, incriminating information, location information, and more, that leaves the obfuscator vulnerable to a range of privacy injuries from embarrassment to criminal punishment.
Maharashtra, India, November 30, 2014 --(PR.com)-- LogicNP Software has released Crypto Obfuscator For .Net 2015 which provides advanced code protection, obfuscation, optimization and automatic exception reporting for your .Net and Mono assemblies.
Besides Windows 8 based Metro/WinRT apps, Crypto Obfuscator also supports standard desktop apps as well as apps developed using WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7/8, Compact Framework, Micro Framework, XNA, XBox and other common .Net based development platforms.
Peter Hoffmann, no less authoritative an historian, called him "a great obfuscator." Wolfgang Benz dismissed such new evidence as Irving uncovered as coming from "the perspective of the keyhole." In the United States, John Lukacs pointed out the unreliability of Irving's documentation, and in a long review Charles W.
Formed primarily to fight restrictions on the use of lead paint, the LIA was also ready to serve as a sort of all-purpose lead-issue obfuscator. Though it wouldn't fund much actual research, the LIA would underwrite the original studies at Harvard in the twenties that isolated a new pseudo-psychological malady named "pica," the so-called unnatural impulse of some small children, mostly nonwhite, to stick lead paint chips in their mouths.
Pune, India, July 28, 2013 --(PR.com)-- LogicNP Software has released Crypto Obfuscator For .Net 2013 R2 which provides superior code protection, obfuscation, optimization and automatic exception reporting for your .Net assemblies.