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  • verb

Synonyms for obey

submit to


  • submit to
  • surrender (to)
  • give way to
  • succumb to
  • bow to
  • give in to
  • yield to
  • be ruled by
  • serve
  • defer to
  • cave in to
  • take orders from
  • do what you are told by




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Synonyms for obey

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Antonyms for obey

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Once there, the ordinance obeyers need to take extra caution not to slip, because of the traffic barreling by - including plows on Pleasant Street/Route 122 that that regularly dump snow onto the cleared passages.
Drug couriers, however, are people who engage in one type of (arguably) victimless crime, but who are likely otherwise societal conformists, or by association, "authority obeyers." For an individual arrested during a bus sweep, for instance, apart from carrying contraband, he also bought a ticket, carried government-issued identification, remained nondisruptive during the journey, etc.
While obedience will require that there be some kind of congruence between the orderer's words and the obeyers, the actual procedures which the two follow in applying the term "dog" may be very different between two distinct robots or between two other language users.