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a holder attached to the gunwale of a boat that holds the oar in place and acts as a fulcrum for rowing

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Cincinnatus grabbed the side in order to keep his balance, but the oarlock came off in his hand, and, neck-deep, among a thousand speckled flowers, he began to swim, got tangled, began sinking.
A small boat, approximately 4 m in length, fitted with two oars and oarlocks.
Going downwind, there is "no noise at all except the creak of the brass oarlocks .
Eugenia Bartlett had sworn she'd heard the creak of her oarlocks as she rowed back through the mist early one morning just before dawn.
Once the paint has dried, add the pair of oarlocks.
He heard the knock of the oars in the oarlocks, the flat slap of the blades on the water.
The handles of its mismatched oars were lodged in slings fashioned of water-willow twigs instead of oarlocks.
With help from Larry Duncan, our York boat coach from Norway House, we learned how to row together, pulling the oars in synch with the pacer, and listening for the sound of the oarlocks knocking.
Searing cold, driving rain, blowing snow and ice in the oarlocks tend to pull the best or the worst out of a hunter.
You've got to line up your oarlocks with those, and follow them into the V-wave, or you're chub-bait in the hole.
I'm going to put the oars into the oarlocks and begin to row across The Sound.