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a government agency in the Department of Labor to maintain a safe and healthy work environment

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The rule gives OSHA a new tool to investigate and cite employers for potential retaliatory practices on its own initiative, without waiting for an employee complaint.
Across the United States, no matter a company's industry or size, business owners share a common fear: that an all-powerful OSHA representative will knock on their door.
The 24 states and two territories which operate their own OSHA programs are encouraged, but not required, to adopt a similar emphasis program.
For several months prior to the filming, Assistant Administrator Clara Leonard, Quality Manager Nancy Lee, and I worked on the script, along with people from LSN, DCEO, and OSHA.
True to its wore, OSHA has already begun two new educational efforts.
For more information, link to the eTool on the OSHA website at www.
OSHA is focused on a "triple bottom line" that takes into account injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.
At RIMS' opening session April 15, RIMS President David Mair said five principles that RIMS had encouraged OSHA to consider had been included in the agency's guidelines.
This single-report trigger requirement was one of the primary complaints about the proposed standard but OSHA has chosen to keep it in its final rule.
But by the time OSHA Director Charles Jeffress got done clarifying agency policy, you might have thought it was the nation's employers who'd been threatening to wrap home offices in red tape, and OSHA that had been waging a gallant fight against such a prospect.
If you don't have one of the red, white, and blue OSHA posters, contact your state Labor Department for the address of the OSHA regional office nearest you.
The reminder from OSHA may seem outdated at a time when most American workers are somewhat familiar with the idea of ergonomics and the painful realities of repetitive stress injuries (RSIs).
An epidemiologic study submitted to OSHA by the synthetic rubber industry in late 1995 demonstrated an excess risk of cancer among workers exposed to 1,3-butadiene.
Ballenger claims his proposal to disarm OSHA of its enforcement power and turn it into a friendly consulting service for business has been a big hit outside the Beltway.
OSHA estimates that 21 million of the 70 million Americans who work indoors are subjected to poor air quality.