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the expense of maintaining property (e.g., paying property taxes and utilities and insurance)

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● For additional information on the Asigra OPEX Backup Appliance, please visit: https://www.zadara.com/solutions/backup/asigra_backup.php
The event also honoured more than 80 Omani companies and a number of SMEs that participated in OPEX 2018.
If one is to take a deeper look at why only 32% of the respondents from the core sales team have sold OPEX deals, as compared to the 68% of the top management -- the point of the lack of readiness of the sales teams in terms of their ability to drive complex OPEX deals gets reinforced.
Massart elaborates: "The significant Opex savings come from not having to dispatch skilled personnel continuously for each and every event.
Commenting on the participation in the OPEX Qatar 2017, Rajeev Singh, Senior General Manager, Al Maha Ceramics said, "The event united the efforts of the public and private sector to generate exports for Omani companies.
Note that the net annual cash flows are shown as operational expenses (OpEx), so for purchased electricity they are negative values, and for the PV array they are positive.
For years, OPEX has studied the document scanning process.
Summary: OPEX Tehran to be held from September 25 to 30 is expected to benefit Omani exporters hugely.
Neil's passion for efficient and secure document conversion services led Storetec to investigate and eventually acquire an OPEX Falcon universal document scanning workstation, further enhancing Storetec's foothold on the future.
Opex pressure eased slightly, with opex growth of 16.6% YoY in 3Q15 (below 18.9% in 2Q15 and broadly in line with 16.3% in 1Q15).
One of the most interesting insights we gained was that the enterprise, particularly the CFO and the CEO are not sold on the primary selling proposition of cloud - that it turns capex to opex and brings predictability to the cash flow.
He is an executive member of the OPEX (Omani products exhibition) management committee and has played an active role in developing Omani-Saudi business partnerships.