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High German prior to 1200

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Raid Haddadin, the previous owner and current managing partner at Watco, said he was proud to be a partner to a local and regional pioneer such as OHG that specialises in the provision of modern business solutions.
The drop test with a 45kg cube consists of a sequence of 10 drops of the cube strategically located 1525mm above the OHG (locations and their tolerance are given by the standard).
Kevin Beirne, OHG group director of housing care and support, said: "The transfer of two of London's flagship hostels has been a complex challenge involving more than 20 legal agreements with five bodies, and taken 12 months to complete.
Most linguists agree that the OHG Isidor is a high-quality work, very much independent of the original, and the best translation ever created in this language.
The choice of linguistic topics discussed in respect of each text is interesting, including more traditional aspects of sound-changes and morphological processes but also sociolinguistic features such as language death or foreign-language learning in OHG. However, the fact that not all topics are covered in all sections gives the impression of a pot-pourri approach, which, while enjoyable, does not encourage confidence that everything has been covered.
The meeting was chaired by OHG Chairman Elias Baddour, in the presence of the board of directors and shareholders, OHG CEO Basim Said, Ochie financial officer; Dr Nabil Nasser, a representative of the Companies Control Department from the Ministry of Industry and Trade Mohammed Al Tourman, and the external auditor Walid Taha, said the statement.
OFFTEC -- a subsidiary of OFFTEC Holding Group (OHG) -- has recently provided the Social Security Corporation (SSC) with advanced IT security solutions, namely web and email security gateways with a sandboxing solution from US-based Forcepoint.
Huawei, a provider of next generation telecomms networks, has revealed that it has been selected by communications company O2 (Germany) GmbH & Co OHG (O2), a subsidiary of Telefonica O2 Europe plc and part of Spanish telecomms group Telefonica S.A., as one of its partners for O2 mobile network expansion in Germany.
The Taiwanese electronics group BenQ announced on Thursday (28 September) that it has decided to discontinue capital injection into the loss-making German mobile phone subsidiary BenQ Mobile GmbH & Co OHG.
OHG, Joint Venture (SKE) for preventive maintenance and repairs of facilities and equipment used by the Defense Commissary Agency in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
This study of the Middle High German word schame and its cognates, whose meaning encompasses both English 'shame' and English 'disgrace', deals with all occurrences of these words in the major texts from OHG to around i2io, the assumed date of the completion of Wolfram's Parzival, by which time, in Professor Yeandle's own words, 'die Scham schon als ethischer Begriff feststeht' (p.
OHG, with production centered in its Ahrensburg facility.
Heitz OHG of Germany (represented by Machinery Corp.
Al Wasleh, a subsidiary of the Offtec Holding Group (OHG), a regional provider of innovative technology and loyalty services, said it has signed an agreement with Ayyad Ceramic and Porcelain, to provide installment payment solutions pertaining to the products it offers.