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Literature [28] presents OFDM optimization waveform design method under the constant-envelope constraint.
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The remainder of this paper is organized as follows: The OFDM system model has been presented in section 2, section 3 represents PAPR reduction technique, section 4 describes the proposed sequential phase sequence SPS and the SPS-SLM based OFDM system, section 5 and Section 6 contains the simulation results and conclusion respectively.
At the receiver this added part will be removed, the cyclic prefix length must be greater than the maximum delay spread produced by dispersion [t.sub.max], the main purpose of using CP is to provide robustness to the OFDM signal and to reduce the effect of ISI, the CP length Tcp should be chosen greater than the delay spread [DELTA]t to eliminates the ICI and ISI effects as shown in equation (1):
In this paper, the scrambling technique will be used to scramble the input data block of the OFDM symbols and transmit one of them with the minimum PAPR so that the probability of obtaining high PAPR can be reduced.
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However, where multiple impulses corrupt an OFDM signal, the threshold is too resistive for common OFDM setting.
In this paper, we propose and experimentally demonstrate a novel Zadoff-Chu matrix (ZCM) precoding scheme for OFDM VLC system.
In this paper, aiming at target parameter estimation in the OFDM array system, the characteristic of received signal is analyzed and a high resolution method of joint estimation on the range and DOA of the target in OFDM array radar is proposed.
Thus, recent works on MMF links ([greater than or equal to] 10 Gb/s) using optical OFDM have been able to support transmission up to 1000 m only.
Orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) waveforms, along with coding schemes, are called multicarrier complementary phase-coded (MCPC) signals [3, 4] to enhance radar capabilities.
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Accessing (OFDM) techniques offer efficient bandwidth utilization and provide many other advantages such as some immunity against the distortion due to the multipath propagation environment.