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a nonmetallic bivalent element that is normally a colorless odorless tasteless nonflammable diatomic gas

the blood group whose red cells carry neither the A nor B antigens

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Establishments and employment in rural areas are slightly overrepresented in the longitudinal data: rural establishments comprise 21.5 percent of establishments, 21.5 percent of establishment-observations, and 14.0 percent of weighted total employment in the longitudinal data, compared with 20.9 percent of establishments, 20.6 percent of establishment-observations, and 13.3 percent of weighted total employment in the private sector OES data as a whole.
"From the launch of the Group, back in 1996 and our UK operation 10 years later, we have embraced technology and worked hard to improve on existing systems in order to realise efficiency gains and build upon commonly accepted best practices, which has been central to our success." OES Oilfield Services Group offers a range of services, including inspection, audit, project and structural around the world.
Especialmente relevante, nesse aspecto, foram suas atuac oes junto ao Curso de Aperfeicoamento e Desenvolvimento de Recursos Humanos (CADRHU), elaborado em 1987 a partir de parceria entre a Organizacao Pan-americana de Saude, o Ministerio da Saude e diversas instituic oes academicas, e ao Centro de Formacao de Recursos Humanos da Secretaria Municipal de Saude de Sao Paulo (CEFOR), durante o governo de Luiza Erundina a frente da Prefeitura do Municipio de Sao Paulo (1989-1993).
By Daniel Gaush, international relations officer, OES Office of Ecology and Conservation
Established in 1996, Orient Energy Systems (OES) is today present in three countries namely; Pakistan, Bangladesh and U.A.E.
Del Prette e Del Prette (2003), o estilo comportamental agressivo (maior frequencia de respostas agressivas) pode ser eficaz em muitas situac oes, porem, ao desconsiderar a necessidade do outro, gera mais temor que admiracao.
Washington Center (ZDC) headed the list with 130 OEs. New York Center (ZNY) came next with 100 deals.
As reestruturac oes produtivas e suas exigencias de reorganizacao dos processos produtivo e de trabalho combinadas a reversao do modelo estatal de bem-estar social assinalam que o capital monopolista dominado pelas financas carece agora dos recursos e dos espacos ocupados pelas politicas sociais para dar continuidade ao seu objetivo primario: "o acrescimo de lucros pelo controle dos mercados" (NETTO, 1992).
Arc/spark optical emission spectroscopy (OES), x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF) and inorganic elemental analyzers are the primary analytical techniques used by the metals industry.
The five manifestations of overexcitability, commonly called the five OEs, underlie the conceptual and operational definitions used by researchers.
Certified with Novell SUSE(R) LINUX Enterprise Server 9, Service Pack 1 and Open Enterprise Server (OES) Linux.
The Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey is a BLS database that contains average annual earnings by occupation for states and metropolitan areas from about 400,000 nonfarm businesses, and is available for years 1997 to 2003.
Knapp says a number of technical and business issues, including industry-wide adoption of JT by all OEs, need to be addressed before JT becomes ubiquitous.