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a doctor's degree in optometry

the right eye

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We're proud to partner with WPDP to continue to provide discounts on pharmaceuticals to the member companies of Associated Industries," said Chandra Wahrgren, ODS Health Vice President, Client Strategies.
ODS Health's Oregon PPO plan is an NCQA accredited plan.
ODS has been active in sponsoring evidence-based reviews through the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).
In its comments, CRN also lauded the efforts of ODS in the areas of analytical methods, dietary supplement databases, biomarkers and outreach efforts.
In September, ODS Health announced its plans to expand its product offering to include large group insured and individual and family medical plans in the state of Washington in 2012.
The Climate Action Reserve's two ODS project protocols establish strong and comprehensive standards for addressing the destruction of ODS.
ODS routinely meets a rigorous set of more than 60 standards, and reports on its performance in more than 40 areas, in order to maintain NCQA's seal of approval.
ODS is a multifaceted organization that provides medical, dental and professional liability insurance products, along with a variety of business services including benefits administration.
By focusing on prevention, ODS helps employers reduce sick time and disability leave, reduce long-term medical expenses and increase productivity.
DataMirror's Dynamic ODS solution requires no changes to existing IT infrastructure, business applications or associated databases, and provides real-time data feeds from any operational system.
CenterBoard, the Virtual ODS Company(TM), announced today it is teaming with four industry experts in launching a Web seminar series highlighting the benefits of implementing a virtual operational store (ODS).
CenterBoard, the Virtual ODS Company(TM), today announced that Gambro BCT, world leader in blood bank technologies, will embed CenterBoard Integrator(TM) into its Vista(TM) Information System - Enterprise Edition, one of the most innovative software solutions available to automate the business of blood banking.
CenterBoard, the Virtual ODS company(TM), today announced the CenterPoint(TM) Partner Program for systems integrators (SIs) and independent software vendors (ISVs).
CenterBoard, the Virtual ODS company(TM), today debuted the CenterBoard Integrator, a network-based Virtual Operational Data Store (Virtual ODS) that delivers right-time access to information across and beyond the enterprise as if it were a single database, without copying data.
Venture Partners Demonstrate Continued Confidence in CenterBoard's Network-Based Virtual ODS that Delivers Right-Time Access to Information