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a doctor's degree in optometry

the right eye

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The fourth and fifth discuss OD's internal and external challenges, respectively.
Therefore, to clarify the pharmacodynamic basis of OD's antirheumatism effect, we believe it is necessary to first identify the compounds absorbable in rat plasma by tracing the pathway of the compounds using a research strategy based in bioethnopharmaceutical analytical pharmacology [15].
She was a tailor in her home country when she met OD's female friend who helped her come here.
Este modulo da possibilidade a um utilizador de pesquisar OD's no sistema como se encontra ilustrado na Figura 10.
OD's single source operation helps you manage your transportation needs with confidence.
In this report, GAO examined the extent to which organizational changes have helped balance OD's oversight of CDC's emergent and ongoing public health responsibilities.
In discussing this evolution, however, we often overlook the most critical factor: At each stage in OD's development, economic and socio-cultural forces in the United States played a major role in shaping theory and practice.