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declining years


Synonyms for old age

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The broader sense of welfare focuses first on OASDHI but also explores a variety of adjunctive attitudes that seem to underpin the citizens' sense of general welfare: finances, family, children, education, being cultured, life satisfaction and happiness, the role of government beyond its responsibility for the poor, the trade off between social spending and taxes and so forth.
"Economic Projections for OASDHI Cost and Income Estimates: 1992." U.S.
Among social insurance programs it is second only to Old-Age, Survivors, Disability, and Health Insurance (OASDHI) in the extent of its coverage.
Note: Includes business employer-paid portions of OASDHI, UI, and other.
Further, whenever the combined OASDHI Trust Fund is projected to go out of long-run actuarial balance, payroll taxes are raised to restore balance, thus creating a permanent trust fund.