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United States playwright (1888-1953)

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I am trying to trace Eric, Raymond and Terence O'Neill, sons of William and Rachel O'Neill last heard of living in Denton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne.
O'Neill was born in Milford MA, He was a graduate of Milford High School, Class of 1969.
O'Neill inherited a side hovering one place -- and one point - above the relegation zone, bereft of confidence and sinking fast after back-to-back defeats against relegation candidates Wigan Athletic and Wolverhampton.
FAITH: Paul, I've found a script called Exorcism by Eugene O'Neill.
Ex-Aston Villa boss O'Neill quickly ruled himself out of the running but believes the IFA should appoint an up and coming manager.
The Melanie O'Neill Chemistry Undergraduate Research Endowment Fund, established by SFU's chemistry department as well as friends, family and colleagues, will be granted annually to a chemistry undergraduate student who demonstrates research excellence.
O'Neill quickly disarmed the media by offering his cell phone number, then gave the fans a boost by claiming USC still could make next season's NCAA Tournament despite massive player defections.
We now accept that this was untrue and Mr O'Neill was not guilty of attempting to 'tap up' Mr Boruc.
Martin O'Neill is not only an outstanding manager, but he possesses a wider vocabulary than his rivals in the Premier League.
When a heart attack strikes, cardiologist William O'Neill wants to see the patient quickly.
CELTIC manager Martin O'Neill could be set to take legal action against a top football magazine for branding him a republican.
CELTIC are bracing themselves for the resignation of boss Martin O'Neill after next Saturday's Scottish Cup Final against Dundee United at Hampden Park.
Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who were close colleagues of O'Neill when he was a bright young civil servant in Nixon-Ford days, convinced Bush that conservative criticism of O'Neill was misguided.
The bottom line is that O'Neill was trading on someone else's creativity and originality--if not the Disney company, then the artists and writers who work for it.
In this he distinguished himself from the important precedent of Conner's 1958 A Movie (which O'Neill saw as a graduate student), where the primary formal attribute is the linear editing of diverse, appropriated footage.