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Irish writer (born in 1932)


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I left it on the library table," said O'Brien, his brogue deepening in his disturbed mood.
O'Brien was doing in the garden, since he is bound to silence.
Valentin took the sabre, examined it, reflected with unaffected concentration of thought, and then turned a respectful face to O'Brien.
For Neil O'Brien, indeed, that gesture was the turning-point of existence.
Still, the riddle remained; and when O'Brien threw himself on a garden seat beside Dr.
Commandant O'Brien followed the others towards the inquest, feeling decidedly sick.
Good morning, Commandant O'Brien," said Valentin, with quiet cordiality.
The borderland of the brain, where all the monsters are made, moved horribly in the Gaelic O'Brien.
NEWPORT secured a dramatic victory over Bedwas in the Principality Premiership with a late Matt O'Brien penalty at Rodney Parade on Friday night.
com)-- The O'Brien Clan Foundation recently completed its inaugural pilgrimage to Ireland and followed the historic journey of Brian Boru, the country's High King over 1,000 years ago.
When building contractor Tom O'Brien started his own business in 1958, he could not have dreamed of the growth and success that lay ahead.
Vietnam and Beyond: Tim O'Brien and the Power of Storytelling.
THE REVIEW OF CONTEMPORARY Fiction's centenary edition on Flann O'Brien is a capacious and important addition to the field of O'Brien studies.
October, 2010: Catherine O'Brien moves into Stead Street, Howdon.
Kate O'Brien and the fiction of identity; sex, art and politics in Mary Lavelle and other writings.