Nyssa aquatica

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columnar swamp tree of southeastern to midwestern North America yielding pale soft easily worked wood


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Nyssa aquatica was clearly the most tolerant of both flood treatments.
% Total Mass Species Root Stem Leaf Sapium GA 39 31 30 Sapium TX 42 28 30 Liquidambar 31 27 42 Nyssa aquatica 37 45 18 Nyssa sylvatica 44 21 35 Pinus 26 16 58
Nyssa aquatica, or water tupelo, grows in the southern region of the United States.
Nyssa sylvatica and Nyssa aquatica of the Family Cornaceae,
Many fossil fruit stones have been said by their describers to compare well with stones of modern Nyssa aquatica, but such comparisons are worthless if they do not note the occurrence of raised bundles.
Nyssa aquatica's wood has fibers with thin cell walls at base of butt (vs.
Most extant species of Nyssa have toothless (entire-margined) leaves, but Nyssa aquatica and N.
The floating fruits of Nyssa aquatica and, by inference, N.
Substrate heterogeneity and regeneration of a swamp tree, Nyssa aquatica. Amer.
Comparative structure of the wood in the "knees," swollen bases, and normal trunks of the tupelo gum (Nyssa aquatica L.).
and Nyssa aquatica (L.) from 1979-1985 in four Louisiana swamp stands.
Trees are named for a whole litany of fine reasons, from site (water tupelo, Nyssa aquatica) to country (Canada yew, Taxus canadensis), from shape of leaves (bigtooth aspen, Populus grandidentata) to color of bark (whitebark pine, Pinus albicualis).