Nyquist rate

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(telecommunication) the lowest sampling rate that will permit accurate reconstruction of a sampled analog signal

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It is important to note that the GL computational method is affected when the signal sampling rate is close to the Nyquist rate bound; meanwhile, the RL method still works.
The first is Nyquist rate signal sampling at sampling rates of 2 to 8 kHz, and the second is the compressive sampling (CS) at temporally nonuniform time instants, as proposed in [31].
The CCDF of the PAPR for a data block with Nyquist rate sampling is defined as follows:
We sampled the signal using sampling rate which is ten times less than Nyquist rate and successfully reconstructed the original signal as shown in Fig.1.
The input analog signal is first sampled at Nyquist rate; the harmonics and intermodulation distortion are calculated through the input signal spectrum, which is estimated from the time-domain samples with nonlinear distortion via DFT.
The analog voltages in [y.sub.m] may be fed to N parallel ADCs, each of which are now running at a relaxed rate as compared to the full bandwidth Nyquist rate. Thus, the architecture provides flexibility between bandwidth and digital dynamic range by first parallelizing the output.
In this case, an easy way to obtain the compressed data of the signal is to undersample the signal with lower sampling rate than the Nyquist rate [2].
Figure 3 showed the probability of recovery for multiple combinations of SNR and the factor [eta], where [eta] = 2:0.5:6 corresponding to sampling rates from 180 MHz to 540 MHz which are far below Nyquist rate. From the Figure 3, the target echoes can be successfully detected at very low sampling rate and noisy Fourier series coefficients.
Whereas the sampling rates of the PU signal should be at least the Nyquist rate for conventional spectrum sensing, the PU signal can be sampled at sub-Nyquist sampling rates with CSS.
That the density Z) is the correct and true extension of the notion of Nyquist rate of the classical sampling theory and algorithms, to "geometric signals", is shown in Section 5.1 of [48], where it is shown that, for the limiting case of 1-dimensional (i.e.
The onboard decimation filter suppresses modulator and out-of-band noise, providing a usable signal bandwidth up to 90 percent of the Nyquist rate with a stop-band attenuation of 100 dB.
Maximum captured frequency or bandwidth versus sampling rate (called the Nyquist rate):
It offers a high bandwidth track-and-hold that gives excellent spurious performance up to and beyond the Nyquist rate, and provides an output enable pin to allow for testability on a PC board.
It is said that according to CS, if properly chosen, the number of measurements can be much smaller than that of Nyquist rate samples [10] and the signal can be recovered with high probability when the measurement matrix satisfies certain condition.
A sparse signal or a compressible signal is a signal that is essentially dependent on a number of degrees of freedom which is smaller than the dimension of the signal sampled at Nyquist rate. In general, signals of practical interest may be only nearly sparse [3].