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Synonyms for nymph

a larva of an insect with incomplete metamorphosis (as the dragonfly or mayfly)

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a voluptuously beautiful young woman


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This posed homoerotic photograph (Figure 1) shows two nymphlike Mexican girls frolicking in the woods, clearly not a pair of youthful lesbians caught in the act.
Held wears a flimsy, nymphlike frock and striped cakewalk pants.
Now the steady flame of gas jets bathed the stage in a softer light to enhance the nymphlike look of ballet dancers.
The entire surface of the church's vaulted ceiling is enveloped by stream-of-consciousness video footage that shows naked, nymphlike women cavorting in a lush, tropical landscape.
Looking into its core, one could see a video image of a nymphlike woman trapped in a maelstrom of hair.