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a woman's tights consisting of underpants and stockings

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Meanwhile, nylon stockings weren't the only fashion items that the royals received after their wedding.
Onto each, they fitted an ankle-length nylon stocking with a hose clamp.
She packed little more than a good suit, a good dress, nylon stockings and high heels for the trip.
During World War II, nylon stockings were hard to come by, so women painted seams on the back of their legs, as if wearing stockings.
Constructed, interestingly, of nylon stockings [1] and padded with white wadding, both dolls are clothed in thin chamois skin, tailored in traditional Kiowa style.
Put nylon stockings over air cleaners to give them extra help.
They were surprised to see other ladies wearing nylon stockings, hats and formal shoes, and one lady was even wearing white gloves.
How about jewellery made of cardboard, pigskin, noodles, thorns, screwed-up paper, nylon stockings or - wait for it - cocaine?
The four examples are the production of minstrel theatre in middle class homes, the advent and craze for nylon stockings, the American influence on Japan's film industry, and novels that depict advertising companies as a motif for society.
From minstrel skits performed on vaudeville stages to women encountering new products like nylon stockings, to the Hollywood film industry, to disaffected Madison Avenue men writing best-selling novels, the various elements comprising and creating American popular culture, including leisure activities, were forms of mass communication shaping the dominant culture--with these influences often having their social and political origins in American subcultures.
A pair of the blonde bombshell's black nylon stockings sold at auction for EUR3,300 in July last year.
Everything from interpersonal relations inside the organization to the tastes of the tourist trade had its effect, not to mention burdensome customs duties, the Depression and the post-World War II conversion to nylon stockings.
But on May 15, 1940, nylon stockings hit the shelves of New York City.
The question is: How would you describe the secretary's nylon stockings after she undressed?
Eccentric shapes such as Bruce Conner's Cocoon, a combination of nylon stockings, glass beads, costume jewelry, and gauze, have what Schwager calls "an almost creepy beauty." Clayton Bailey's Male Chair, complete with male genitalia and strange-looking clawed animal feet, is shocking- -as it's meant to be.