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an active volcano in eastern Congo

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"Because the Earth's crust is undergoing constant change via tectonic motion, weathering, and resurfacing, its chemical composition has been dramatically altered over its 4-billion-year lifespan, but the Nyiragongo magma source in the deep mantle has not," he added.
Of eight volcanoes that straddle the borders of Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda, Mount Nyiragongo is the most feared: Its last eruption in 1977 killed around 70 people when molten rock burst through long cracks, called fissures, lining the mountain's flanks.
VOLCANO TERROR: A destroyed van sits on hot lava rocks on the outskirts of Goma yesterday after the eruption of Mount Nyiragongo. Aid workers have warned that people trying to return to their homes are hampering relief efforts
And he points out that civil unrest has postponed research at two other volcanoes with especially long-lived lava lakes--Erta Ale in Ethiopia and Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
A century on, a local geologist predicted the Nyiragongo eruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo in January, a week before the event, but local authorities failed to act on his repeated warnings.
Meanwhile it is feared that Mount Nyiragongo could erupt again.
Goma has been badly damaged by giant lava flows since nearby Mount Nyiragongo erupted on Thursday.
Tremors continued and Mount Nyiragongo remained shroudedin smoke and steam.
At least 45 people have died since the Mount Nyiragongo volcano erupted spewing rock and lava, and aid workers fear the toll is sure to rise
FOREIGN Secretary Jack Straw yesterday promised to establish what help the international community could offer the victims of the Mount Nyiragongo volcano eruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The EU's Humanitarian Aid Office ECHO claims it is moving quickly in response to the eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano, north of Goma in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
And relief charity Christian Aid reported that the situation at the Rwandan border, to where 300,000 Congolese fled after Mount Nyiragongo erupted, was "out of control."
Lava exploded from the sides of 11,380-foot Mount Nyiragongo without warning and three huge molten rivers quickly wiped out 14 mountain villages.