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(Silvestra's cross is taken from his corpse by Sir Henry, and his 'crude pen' by the narrator.) Eca's text, on the other hand, sets the 'velho fidalgo' in the context of the Portuguese empire of the sixteenth century, with the implication that Haggard's Kukuanaland, like the disputed Mashonaland and Nyassaland of contemporary political reality, is part of 'a nossa propriedade historica'.
The British had colleges at Achimota, Makerere, Ibadan, Rhodesia, Nyassaland, and Fourah Bay.
Official biographies have him born, a Chewa, in the central Malawi (then Nyassaland) district of Kasungu in 1906.
Bilharziasis survey in British West and East Africa, Nyassaland and the Rhodesias.