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a medicine made from the seeds of an Asiatic tree

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Mbeya Region: Lake Nyassa, Itunga inlet, 9[degrees]35.094'S 33[degrees]56.769'E, 482 m, 4.viii.2010, R.W.
David Livingstone (left) in his Expedition to the Zambesi describes the width of Lake Nyassa (Lake Malawi) as widening 'to the north and in the upper third or fourth it is fifty or sixty miles broad'.
It is also known as Lake Nyasa in most countries, or Lake Nyassa, Lake Niassa, or Lago Niassa in Mozambique.
There was the African slave trade in the Indian Ocean in which slaves were transported from the port of Kilwa on the Mozambique coast and the inland sea of Lake Nyassa into transoceanic circuits of Arabic and Portuguese slave trades.
(37.) For a discussion of Portugal's attempt at commercial administration, see Barry Neil-Tomlinson, "The Nyassa Chartered Company: 1891-1929," The Journal of African History, 18, no.
To discuss designations of the origin of slaves embarking at ports in what is now Mozambique: designations that the caravan and entrepot slave traders attributed to them and which alluded to recurring place-names of the era, for example: Maravia, Sena, Sofala, Mocuba, Niassa (Nyassa), etc.; ethnonynmous designations used at the time by people other than the slaves, such as macua, ajaua, sena, maconde, etc.; and designations attributed at places of destination which related to the names of ports of embarkation, like: Inhambane, Mozambique (Island), Angoche, Sofala, Ibo, etc., and some of the above-mentioned ethnonyms.
Instead, they obtained Spanish and Portuguese transit visas and by foot, bus and car snuck out of France through the Pyrenees Mountains to board, in late November, the Nyassa from Lisbon, bound for New York.
(12) His aims were to correct what he saw as the misrepresentation in the British press of Portugal's African policy and to defend, particularly, its claims in the Zambezi and Nyassa areas.
- The role of national parliaments in implementing the Cotonou Partnership Agreement - rapporteurs: Mauro ZANI (PES, IT) and Abubakar BAWA BWARI (Nigeria); - Agricultural and mining commodities - rapporteurs: Nirj DEVA (EPP-ED, UK) and Louis-Claude NYASSA (Cameroon);