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In 1953 Banda moved to the Gold Coast and then returned home to Nyasaland in 1958, becoming Prime Minister in 1963 and achieving independence as Malawi in 1964.
Among the historic personalities I was chasing were Jomo Kenyatta (in Nairobi), the prime minister of the Central African Federation Sir Roy Welensky (in Salisbury, now Harare), Kenneth Kaunda (in Lusaka), Dr Hastings Banda (in Nyasaland, now Malawi), and, would you believe it--the South African prime minister Dr Hendrik Verwoerd (in Johannesburg).
A Carnegie-sponsored meeting in London in 1960, attended by representatives of Teachers College, the British Colonial Office, the Carnegie Corporation, and colleges or universities in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Rhodesia and Nyasaland, and Uganda, assured that the role of the Carnegie Corporation in African education would be significant for the foreseeable future.
The estimates varied from 500 to several thousand, making the current food crisis worse than the fabled Nyasaland famine of 1949.
Some are quite insightful, such as Alex Carmel's account of the kaiser's junket to the Holy Land in 1898, Werner Ustorf's theoretical assessment of the violent side of the missionary enterprise, Irving Hexham's incisive critique of the postmodernist historiography of missions and South Africa, Christoff Pauw's account of the little-known mission of the South African Dutch Reformed Church in Nyasaland (today Malawi), Karla Poewe's treatment of the spell that National Socialism held over Berlin Mission Society figures who really were not Nazis, Michael Bergunder's analysis of proselytism in Indian Christianity, and Vera Mielke's portrayal of women workers of the Liebenzell Mission in China.
Inspector Douglas Greensides Farmery of the Nyasaland Police Force was pleased to take delivery of his standard issue safari suit as part of his uniform in the 1950s.
He could count as good friends both Sir Roy Welensky, the Prime Minister of the short lived Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, and Kenneth Kaunda whose political party UNIP he joined and made regular contributions to.
The Republic of Malawi was, until 1964, the British Protectorate of Nyasaland, bounded by Tanzania in the north, Mozambique in the east and south, and Zambia in the west.
This material belongs to the archive of Sir Roy Welensky, who was prime minister of the British territory of the Central African Federation, comprising Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland (now independent Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi) between 1957 and 1963.
After Anne met her husband, Angus, who was born in Uganda, they settled in Nyasaland ( now called Malawi ( for 10 years.
Other countries brought into its sphere of activities included the then Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique) in 1894, Bechuanaland (Botswana) in 1897, Basutoland (Lesotho) and Nyasaland (Malawi) in 1901, East Africa (Kenya and part of Tanzania), Belgian Congo (Zaire, then DRC) and Zanzibar in 1911, Uganda in 1912, South West Africa (Namibia) in 1915 and Tanganyika (part of Tanzania) in 1916.
Gaunt, the newly appointed colonial director of education for Nyasaland (Malawi) in 1927, Fraser wrote: "Education must necessarily arouse discontent with poor conditions and the restlessness of the awakening natural consciousness.
Those who know African history can immediately see the parallels with what happened in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi: it was precisely the same colonial criminal code that had put Nkrumah in prison in Ghana in 1950, and in a slightly more tortuous manner, Jomo Kenyatta in Kenya in 1953, and Kamuzu Banda in the then Nyasaland (Malawi) in 1959.