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a long lake in southeastern Africa between Tanzania, Mozambique, and Malawi

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The country's third biggest lake is Lake Nyasa in the south, which has four main ports -- Itungi, Mbamba Bay, Liuli and Manda.
Gravity data and seismic data from the adjacent Lake Nyasa indicate the presence of a thick sedimentary section with the potential to generate oil.
A similarly consistent but luckless sort, Indian's Feather might have her turn in the opening Ballybeggan Racegoers Club Handicap, in which Nyasa and Commoya look definite dangers.
When in 1889 it was proposed that a Scottish missionary area south of Lake Nyasa (Malawi) should be handed over to the Portuguese, a petition was signed by 11,000 ministers and elders of the Church of Scotland, publicized in every pulpit, and Salisbury's government duly declined to ratify the treaty.
The most striking of these features is the East African Rift System, of which the main branch, known as the Eastern Rift Valley or Great Rift Valley, extends from the junction of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, crosses the summit of two centres of uplift in Ethiopia and Kenya, and enters northern Tanzania, where it largely disappears only to reappear in the south of that country in the lake Nyasa trough (Lake Nyasa is also known as Lake Malawi).
Captain James Frederick Elton, the vice-consul at Zanzibar from 1873, had set out on a similar mission, but had died on the return leg of his expedition to Lake Nyasa in 1877.
The invocation part of the daily ritual mainly consists of dhyana (mental concentration on the deity's gross, outer form) and nyasa (invocation of the deity into one's own body) with the deity's dhvani or bija mantra, the 'seed syllable', which induces the subtle form of the deity.
This has created the high mountains of East Africa as well as the large Lake Tanganyika (between Zaire and Tanzania) and Lake Nyasa (between Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique), as well as the smaller Edward, Albert, and Turkana lakes farther north.
The Arab routes led from the Lake Victoria region in the market towns of Mombassa and Malindi, from the highlands and lakes of Tanganyika to Zanzibar, and from the Nyasa Region to Mozambique.
Tanzania boasts the three biggest lakes in Africa -- Victoria, Tanganyika and Nyasa -- as well as Mt.
The district was under the administration of the Nyasa Company until 1929, when it was taken over by the government.
Next is the rite of nyasa (touching), in which various deities are established in different parts of the image through the touch of the priest.
This white oligarchy wanted to control the colony's prosperity and in 1938 proposed the creation of a federation of Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, and Nyasaland (now Malawi), an area to the northeast along the western bank of Lake Nyasa.
Sarkar, whose philological work is gaining recognition in Bengal, prefers a derivation from nyasa (placing), prefixed by sat (true, unchangeable; the Supreme Entity or brahman), becoming samnyasa (abstract) or samnyasin: one who is placed at the service of sat, one who has achieved total identification of the self with the unchangeable entity - or simply, "devoted to sat" (1988).