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an active volcano in eastern Congo

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It boasts a second active volcano called Nyamuragira, a third of the world's last mountain gorillas, hippos at Lake Edward, elephant herds trundling across golden meadows, even glacial mountain peaks.
The lake's internal mechanism is estimated to reach a critical tipping point in 100-200 years, while a 2002 study by an international scientific team investigating the impact of sub-water lava inflow emanating from the eruption in 2002 of Mount Nyamuragira, a volcano in DR Congo, just 32 km north of Kivu, revealed that although the "possibility of a huge gas outburst from Lake Kivu where all or most of the gas dissolved in it would reach the atmosphere is very low ...
Goma, on the other hand, is covered by the black ash of the Nyamuragira volcano, which has rendered the land barren and useless to the local people.
And as if that isn't enough, looming Nodefence above Kibati is the active Nyamuragira volcano,which has become increasingly active and presents another threat to these people.